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Levelling The Playing Field

My goal is to make games, pay rent, and help others do the same.

If your goal is similar to mine, Levelling The Playing Field exists to answer the questions I get most frequently from my consultancy clients, and to help you avoid the issues I solve most often in their work or business.

Recent Posts


When the euphemism is bad enough.

Rami challenges and assists a development team that had a trusted team member quit over a team leads' behaviour.


Pitch Stalling & The Risks of Publisher Feedback

Throughout 2023, the ecosystem for games has contracted significantly. That has made the practice of something I'm calling "Pitch Stalling" far more common, and as a massive risk to your game project, So what is Pitch Stalling, what dynamics create it, and how do you avoid it?

Pitch Stalling & The Risks of Publisher Feedback

Don't roll the credits just yet.

Rami answers the question of a small development team that finds themselves stuck late in development with a roguelike that is too easy.