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My name is Rami Ismail. I make games, and travel around the world to help others make games too. I work as a consultant, public speaker, advisory board member, tool developer, and industry ambassador. I am one half of Dutch independent studio Vlambeer, and I am the creator of presskit().

What you should know:

  • Co-Founder of Vlambeer, creators of Apple Design Award winner Ridiculous Fishing, Independent Games Festival nominee Super Crate Box, and commercial & critical successes such as LUFTRAUSERS and Nuclear Throne.
  • Former or current board member, member, or official advisor for IndieFund, Global Game Jam, Train Jam, Indie MEGABOOTH, DevCom, AbleGamers, and various others.
  • Organizer of, Playground at Penny Arcade Expo, and F*ck This Jam.
  • Consultant or mentor for Penny Arcade Expo, Robot Cache, Execution Labs, Level Up!, Dutch Game Garden, New Media Manitoba, and various others.
  • Creator of various free tools to assist independent game developers with their work, of which the most notable is the free tool presskit().
  • Independently consulted for industry platforms, publishers, and initiatives on indie-specific offerings and initiatives.
  • Event host of North Netherlands Orchestra Plays Games, Indievelopment,
  • Keynoted or presented at industry events, universities, museums, art collectives, hackathons, incubators/accelerators, and local & national governments.
  • Occassionally writes for Rolling Stone’s Glixel, Polygon, Kotaku, Gamasutra,, and other games-industry focused publications.
  • Recipient of the Game Developers Conference 2017 Ambassador Award, the IndieCade 2017 Game Changer Award, and a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Games award.

My expertises are independent development, community development, creative industries and economies, and emergent territories. I am capable of communicating about the medium and the industry in environments both highly experienced in games as well as in complete layman’s terms.